Smithsonian Channel Announce

The Smithsonian channel has announced their arrival to the UK & Europe, launching Mid-Feburary, 2019. Nutshell are delighted to be producing a brand new series for this exiting new venture. ‘American Aristocrat’ will follow the Viscountess of Hitchingbrook, Julie Montagu, as she explores the great country houses of Britain. As somebody who joined the British aristocracy through marriage, Julie will access and explore this rarified world from both an outsider and insider's perspective, immersing into these extraordinary homes like nobody before.

“Smithsonian Channel will launch in the UK with a string of local commissions including When Tariq Ali Met Malcolm X, a show about the friendship between two controversial firebrands, and Mystic Britain, which reveals the secrets of the UK’s most mysterious sites and is fronted by Clive Anderson… [and] a new series with the American-born Julie Montagu, Viscountess Hinchingbrooke…

Kaltrina Bylykbashi, TBI Vision

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Jonathan Welch
Nutshell TV lands 8x60 order with US Channel, Smithsonian

In November, 2018 we inked a deal for a brand-new format that will introduce a box fresh talent to screens around the world. We’ll follow the ‘American Aristocrat’ as she’s invited to take a deeper look behind the visitor’s ropes and closed doors of some of Britain’s most breathtakingly stately residential properties; giving an insider’s perspective to working, living and paying for these enviable abodes. In production now.

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Colin Irwin